The Ultimate Hands-Free Travel Guide

The Ultimate Hands-Free Travel Guide

Have you ever felt like you needed vacation from your vacation? If your answer is yes, we feel you! With KEYPER the Juggle Struggle has no place in your summer holiday. Wether you are glamping in the great outdoors, road tripping with the family or jet setting to a tropical locale, KEYPER allows you to stay hands-free and organized for packing, travel, adventure and relaxation. 

We created The Ultimate Hands-Free Travel Guide to help you KEYPIT Together on vacation using the 4-Piece KEYPIT Set. With these travel tips, you'll make the most of your vacation with Fashion + Function + Security. 


If you have ever had a small panic attack at the airport juggling your luggage while fumbling for your ID .... you are not alone. Luckily, your trusty KEYPER is more than just a key ring bracelet. That's right, KEYPER can be used to strap your tote (up to 20 lbs.) to your rolling luggage handle. No more knocking over your luggage while trying to balance your bag on the handle. 

While on vacation, keep your keys safe and sound by attaching them to the strap of your large purse. KEYPER will also save you the post-vacation "WHERE ARE MY KEYS?" panic attack when you are searching for your car in the airport parking lot.


The Luxe 

Don't forget that the Luxe IT BAG can also function as a clutch or pouch. We recommend using the Luxe, Clear and Mini IT BAGS to organize your suitcase.  


The Luxe is our go-to for daily excursions. This roomy wristlet can hold your sunglasses, lipgloss, sunscreen and more. "I happened to buy this just before I went on vacation. It arrived quickly and I was able to take it with me. It’s the perfect little bag to keep with you for ID as you board the plane or to grab as you go get something to eat" - Shelly Petersen, Verified KEYPER Customer 

Check out how our content creator, Kalan Rush, styled her Rich Gold Luxe 2-Piece KEYPIT Set on her recent anniversary trip to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Key Ring Wristlet


The Clear

Breeze past airport security with the Clear IT BAG. This roomy pouch is perfect to carry on your travel-size liquids in style. Of course, the Clear IT Bag is TSA approved.  

Key Ring Wristlet


Although the journey is important, the Clear IT BAG is a must-have once you reach destination. Create a Clear 2-Piece KEYPIT Set to keep your essentials secure and easily accessible while you chill by the pool or on the beach. Check your cell notifications though the clear material, while your phone remains safe and dry. 

Clear Purse


If you are looking to switch up your purse game while on vacation, add the Clear to your outfit line-up for a day of exploring or a night out. Check out how travel blogger, Tonya at TonVoyage styled her Clear KEYPIT Set on her vacation in Seaside, Florida. 

Travel Purse

The Mini

The Mini is your grab-and-go solution for a night out, when you don't want to be weighed down. Large enough to hold the essentials but small enough to carry as a cocktail bag, the Mini is the MVP for date-night and girls-night looks. 



Kalan has styled the Sunshine Mini with her favorite tourista hat and a fun summer print. 

vacation purse

Now you are all set to KEYPIT Together while traveling with the 4-Piece KEYPIT Set. KEYPER wishes all of our hard-working customers a relaxing hands-free summer holiday. Let us know your favorite travel hacks in the comments. 

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