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      KEYPER is the story of two women who got fed up with the 'Big Bag' life and decided to do something about it.


      KEYPER founders (and mother-daughter team!) Sally and Dana Robinson know a thing or two about perseverance.

      Sally was determined to solve the problem for women who worry about securing their purse while shopping and are tired of being weighed down by a heavy bag. She invented the original “PurseKeyper” and with the help of her eldest daughter, Dana, headed out to take the marketplace by storm.

      Realizing the product was much more than a purse holder, Dana decided to rename the product, KEYPER. As a single mom of two who's always on the go, she quickly found the KEYPER to have organizational powers far beyond the realm of the purse. The KEYPER soon became a household must-have for keeping her keys, phone, driver's license, credit cards, chapstick, and other life essentials easily accessible while still being stylish.

      Since then, being a "practical luxury" is KEYPER's mission. And Sally and Dana love hearing the multitude of uses women everywhere are getting from their KEYPERs:

      • ​“I love having my keys on my wrist or around my purse straps so I'm not constantly digging for them."

      • “I haven't locked myself out since I got the KEYPER--it used to happen constantly!"

      • “I finally have room in my front grocery basket for food when I am shopping!”

      • “KEYPER helps hold the diaper bag to my stroller. It's not another gimmick to lug around, it's a lifesaver!”

      Sally also created two bags (sized small and large) to act as companions to the KEYPER. These IT BAGS can be snapped onto the KEYPER, turning it into a wristlet for carrying essentials and providing another layer of convenience. Even better, the CLEAR IT BAG fits within the security restrictions enforced at stadiums and sporting events!

      ​The KEYPER products can be used together or separately. They can be mixed and matched. Women can use their KEYPER for day, evening, sporting, fun and all activities.

      Dana and Sally and the whole KEYPER team are proud to offer women of all ages fashionable solutions for securing their essentials and keeping up with all life has to offer.

      Try it out, and we think you'll agree. This one's a KEYPER!

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