The KEYPER® Story

KEYPER® products empower women by keeping customers Hands-Free to embrace all life has to offer. 

The story of the Ultimate Hands-Free Lifestyle begins with a mother-daughter team and a dream to help women KEYPIT Together. 

The idea for KEYPER® originated with an AHA moment hitting Sally Robinson in the grocery store. Because Sally feared that her purse would be stolen from the grocery cart, she struggled to shop with her heavy purse on her arm. Sally's problem: too much stuff, not enough hands. The solution: KEYPER®, the Original Key Ring Bracelet and Purse Strap.

Armed with one bright idea and a sewing machine, Sally and her eldest daughter Dana committed themselves to making the Hands-Free Lifestyle a reality. After developing KEYPER®  in Sally’s basement, the duo obtained a patent for the invention’s unique design. 

As a single mom on a mission, Dana knows that the Juggle Struggle is real. After using KEYPER® daily, Dana realized that her mom’s invention was so much more than just a Key Ring or Purse Strap. Committed to providing the most versatile products possible, the team harnessed the full organizational power of KEYPER® and introduced the IT BAG. Today’s customer can clip her IT BAG to her KEYPER®, creating a stylish wristlet. 

Over the past 10 years, Dana has rebranded the innovative product and utilized the power of e-commerce to make KEYPER® a household name. Dana shares, “The road I have walked as an entrepreneur has not always been easy. However, each positive review I receive motivates me to keep pushing forward. I encourage every woman to get your creations out there and don’t give up!” 

Needless to say, KEYPER® was built by the determination of strong women. Our Story is what fuels KEYPER®’s commitment to create reliable practical products for ladies everywhere. After all, we know what our customers can accomplish with hard work and an extra hand. 

Try out the Hands-Free Lifestyle today. We know you’ll agree… It’s a KEYPER®!