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      The KEYPER brand is all about empowering women to stay organized, secure and #keypittogether in all facets of life. We are proud to introduce the ‘KEYP IT TOGETHER’ Foundation, built on the idea of helping women, and the children they care for, to “keep it together” when going through unexpected life challenges.

      KEYPER CEO Dana Robinson knew she wasn’t alone when faced with her own unexpected life changes through a divorce with children. She shared the experience with her friend, Elizabeth Dodd, who had experienced a similar situation. The two women knew they had a chance to help other women in these situations, who might not be fortunate enough to have the support system they did. The two professional women are passionate about helping women and children in crisis. KEYPER is proud to donate 5% of its profits to the foundation.

      The KEYPER brand and the women behind it hope to empower women to stay strong and know they are a not alone in these difficult life transitions, offering yet another way to help them “keyp it together” for themselves and those who depend on them.