How We Can Help Each Other KEYPIT Together

How We Can Help Each Other KEYPIT Together

My mom and I created KEYPER as a way to help women stay organized, secure and KEYPIT together in all facets of life. But this idea goes far beyond a simple key-chain or wristlet. 

As women, we often carry the unseen burden of the family. My mom and I have both experienced life as a single parent. We know first-hand how a little help can go a long way. That's why we created the KEYPIT Together Foundation in 2019, pledging 5% of all KEYPER profits to help women and children in crisis situations.

I was blindsided when my marriage unexpectedly fell apart. I was left fighting for custody of my two small children and trying to launch a small business at the same time. The business suffered and so did my family. The support I found in friends and family was the only thing that kept me afloat for those awful years. 

Since then, I can't tell you how many women have shared similar struggles with me. We not only carry so much ourselves, we often balance the needs and wants of the rest of our family at the same time. Sometimes it just feels like too much for one person to carry!

It was when an old friend and I were comparing stories when we decided to create a way to give back to women during their toughest times. Elizabeth Dodd now serves as president of the non-profit foundation, sharing my passion to help women and children in situations just like ours.  Together, we hope to help empower as many women as we can to KEYPIT Together when facing a crisis. 

While a KEYPER or an IT BAG is a great product to help you stay organized and feel secure in your everyday life, know that every purchase you make helps other women KEYPIT Together in more far-reaching ways. 



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