Keep Your Purse Safe from Germ Season

Keep Your Purse Safe from Germ Season

The holiday season is unfortunately also germ season, and did you know that your purse is one of the hot spots for germs? At KEYPER, we collect links and data on all things "purse", and especially research related to keeping purses SAFE. So, we're sharing a couple of our favorites related to purses in germ season. 

  1. Today Show Feature on "Germiest Places in Your Home"
    at the time of 4:20 in the video is the feature on purse germs)
  2. One Good Thing Pinterest Post on "21 Hidden Hot Spots for Germs"

A Purse Hanger is Key to Keeping Your Purse Safer from Germs

The Today Show feature and the Pinterest post both have the same precaution for keeping as many germs as possible off of your purse. DON'T SET YOUR PURSE DOWN ... especially in public, for example on counter tops where many other people set their purses (and many other unknown things). Counter tops may be difficult to avoid, but be particularly careful about keeping your purses off of the floor when in public places. 

keyper as a purse hanger in the restroom"Purse Hangers" aren't exactly available everywhere you go and shop, right? As we keep finding, there continue to be many more uses for the KEYPER than we could have possibly imagined when we developed the original key ring bracelet that can hold up to 20 lbs. Combining fashion and function, the KEYPER is obviously the stylish answer to keeping your keys at hand instead of loose in your purse, and for giving you that 'extra hand' for holding bags and your purse when your two hands are occupied with kids and the shopping cart or dog leash! And further, the KEYPER was also made strong to keep your purse tethered as a means of prevention against purse snatching. However, over the years, we continue to find so many more uses of the KEYPER, and many of them are related to the germ-reducing benefits of hanging your purse as well as shopping bags. Here are a couple examples:


  1. Use KEYPER as a purse hanger to keep your purse off the floor ... especially off of restroom floors! For example, use KEYPER to hang your purse and shopping bags from a rail in the restroom. 
  2. Because KEYPER can hold up to 20 lbs of weight or tension, it is ideal for holding shopping bags as well as your purse when you are out shopping. Not only do you avoid the germs from the floor, but securing your belongings can prevent some of the most common types of theft while leaving your two hands free to hold your children or pull shopping items off the shelf, etc.

KEEP SAFE this holiday season! Avoid as many hot spots of germs as possible, use disinfectant wipes frequently (for example on shopping carts, and after touching public surfaces), and use the KEYPER to hang your bags and purses away from public floors and counter tops. 

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