Keyp-It Jolly! Do Your Holiday Shopping with an Anti-Theft Purse Solution

Keyp-It Jolly! Do Your Holiday Shopping with an Anti-Theft Purse Solution

Watch this Inside Edition Video on shopping cart purse snatching, particularly as we enter peak season for purse theft during the holidays. You may quickly realize that a fashionable anti-theft-purse solution would make a thoughtful holiday gift, but it might more thoughtful as an “early gift” or an ideal “selfie gift” as prevention against a very non-jolly holiday purse theft.

Let’s review 4 top risks for purse theft and attacks while shopping, with tips for prevention.

  1. Risk: Loose Purse in Shopping Cart

    Most women think their purse is safe in the shopping cart if they are staying with the cart. As the Inside Edition video shows, it just takes a couple seconds for a thief to take your purse while you turn your back to shop. Many thieves work as a team, so you could be distracted for just five seconds with a question from a stranger who is counting on your kindness, while the partner takes your purse. 

    Prevention: Strap Your Purse to the Shopping Cart with a Visible Strap

    keyper key ring bracelet strapping purse to shopping cartStrapping your purse to your cart is a first line of defense against the most common type of purse theft while shopping. Not only does the strap prevent the grab, but just the sight of the strap will prevent the attempt.

    What type of strap? Strong and easy to manage. One of the “key”, patented features of the KEYPER key ring bracelet was designed with anti-theft in mind. The KEYPER strap and hardware is heavy-duty, holding up to 20 lbs of weight or tension. Plus, KEYPERs match with IT Bags to create an “anti-theft purse solution” as well as an attractive key-purse combination.

  2. Risk: Injury Related to Holding Onto Your Purse

    Some methods of prevention suggest keeping your purse strapped over your shoulder, however there are just as many suggestions that this could lead to injury if the thief wants to grab your purse, and you're holding on tight.

    Strap Your Purse to the Cart

    Same as tip #1, this is another reason why you want to strap your purse to your shopping cart. If they attempt to grab the purse, the cart is going with them and getting a lot of attention (which they don’t want), and you’re not attached to it, so you can back off and shout for help while avoiding physical confrontation.

  3. Risk: Open Purse in Shopping Cart

    If you leave your purse open, even if it’s strapped down, an accomplished thief can reach right in and remove your wallet in a couple seconds.

    brown keyp-it set of clutch purse and keyper key ring bracelet Prevention: Keep Your Purse Closed, and Reduce Points of Access

    Even if your purse is strapped up, zip it up. Also, it’s best to use a purse with one point of access, such as one zipper along the top, instead of multiple pockets. You may forget to zip all of them, or the thief could find the side zipper easier to unzip than the main, top zipper.

  4. Risk: Theft at the Car While You Search for Your Keys

    Thieves are desperate and bold, which is why they turn to theft, and they may likely be on drugs that heighten their aggressiveness. One type of common purse theft is at the car, while you are distracted in the search for your keys in your purse. A thief will take advantage of your moment of frustrated distraction to forcefully rip your purse away.

    White leather anti-theft KEYPER purse and key ring braceletPrevention: Have Keys Out and Ready
    Police and other security professionals commonly tell women to have their keys out and ready while walking to their car in the parking lot. Safety is another inspiration of the KEYPER key ring bracelet and the anti-theft, purse-organizer solution of the Keyp-IT sets of purses combined with the key-ring bracelet. The KEYPER allows you to have your keys “at hand” but hands-free, slipped around your wrist, while you’re using your hands to push the cart or carry your bags. At the car, there is no searching for keys, your hands are available, and your keys are a potential self-defense weapon, so all of this is a deterrent to an experienced thief. You look too confident, collected and quick to be a target.


    image from inside edition video on purse snatchingIn the Inside Edition Video, you’ll see that the reporter concludes with similar suggestions, including a primary tip to keep a clutch-style purse secured. While we at KEYPER agree, we do additionally suggest that securing your purse to the cart is not only a means of preventing physical harm, but it also leaves you more hands-free to do what you’re there for: shopping!!!!

    Enjoy the holidays and holiday shopping with one less thing to worry about, and don’t give the Grinchy purse snatchers a target for a theft. Keep it together, and shop securely! 

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