Key Purse, Organizer Purse … Gift Purse? Ladies are Searching for Function Within Fashion.

Key Purse, Organizer Purse … Gift Purse? Ladies are Searching for Function Within Fashion.

Searching for ladies’ gifts? Well …  what are they searching for? In Google search trends over the past 12 months, American women are looking for a combination of function and fashion. At holiday shopping time, purse organizer inserts are trending high for a purse within a purse.

However, in a clutch … “key purse” is a top-trending organization item. And increasingly, queries for a fashionable “clear purse” in the Fall make it transparent that ladies like to get into the game, in style.



Key Purse? Purse Key? In a Clutch, Women Want Keys at Hand

red faux leather keyper key ring bracelet with matching red clutch purse and hand bagSearches for “purse organizers” are right there with “designer purses." And trending with an organizer is the clear need for having keys at hand, instead of digging for them.

The quest for a “key purse” and “purse key” seeks to relieve a universal irritation for women. Keys fall to the bottom of the bag, or they get hung on something on the way to the bottom. Shake the purse and hear them rattle, but with a phone to the ear, and with shopping bags or children at hand (if not both), that jingle isn't the cheer of a sleigh bell, but the frustrating sound of keys that seem to be hiding from you.

KEYPER solves that problem and many more (including security against purse snatching), in style, as the original key ring bracelet that holds up to 20 lbs of weight. The patented, heavy-duty clip attaches to matching “IT Bags” of many fashionable colors and patterns, or anything else you need to “keep together” and secure. Not only are keys at hand with the KEYPER, but when clipped to the clutch, both hands are free.

For Sporting Ladies, “Clear Bags” Are the Trending Gift Choice

leopard keyper key ring bracelet with matching leopard trim clear purseOnline searches make it clear. In August and September, women are searching for “clear bags,” “clear purses”, “stadium purses,” “NFL clear bag policies”, etc. … at a higher rate than brands of purses or even “clutch purses.” Searches for clear purses continue to increase year-round to comply with security standards for concerts and other entertainment venues. But compliance is not enough. Whereas a one-gallon, zip-lock bag would satisfy most clear-bag stadium policies, women don’t see that happening. At KEYPER, the Clear IT bags and clutches not only meet stadium security requirements, but in style with many choices of trim, from leopard to leather as well as canvas and signature faux leather. Combining the KEYPER and the Clear IT bags in a KEYPIT Set, you have two hands free while satisfying the search for a “key purse” as well as a “clear purse.”

Keeping fashion and function together might be among the latest trending searches, but it’s the founding principle for us here at KEYPER. As you think of ideal stocking stuffers, and as you prepare for your own holiday shopping, keep in mind the original key ring bracelet that helps you #KEYPITTOGETHER!

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