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KEYPER Love Bundle created for Valentine’s Day but now available all year round.

The Keyper Love Bundle includes the KEYPER Key Ring Wristlet and a limited edition Monogrammed Clear Bag. 

The Clear Bag features a monogrammed Smiley. 

We have a variety of colors, and our variations will use either Vegan Leather, Canvas, or Premium Leather. 

The KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet is perfect to slip on your wrist for quick errands, brunch with girlfriends or running the kids to activities. You'll never dig for your keys again with KEYPER® secured to your big bag handle. Our PATENTED DESIGN can hold up to 20 lb.  Secure your heavy bag to your stroller, shopping cart, chair, luggage and more!

The CLEAR Bag has an A-line design that allows extra room for all phone sizes, inhaler, EpiPen, sunglasses and more.  .

Wear your 2-Piece Wristlet Set or secure it nearby to keep your essentials safe while you go hands-free!


  • KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet
  • Trim: Soft 100% vegan leather material, 100% premium leather material, or tight-woven 100% duck cotton material
  • CLEAR Bag Clear PVC material
  • CLEAR Bag holds an inhaler and EpiPen
  • CLEAR Bag approved for stadium and arena events
  • Tarnish-resistant brass key ring and snap hooks with metallic gold zipper OR
  • Tarnish-resistant silver key ring and snap hooks with silver zipper
  • Made in USA


  • KEYPER® 1.25" wide (wristlet material). Total length with key ring is 10.75".
  • CLEAR Bag: Tall x 7" Wide at Opening (8.5" Wide at Bottom) x 2" Deep
  • CLEAR Bag fits every model Apple iPhone, as well as every model of Samsung Galaxy


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