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I ordered the grey and the clear Keyper and I love it! I wasn't a person who misplaced things but knowing everything is where it should be is a relief. I carry it in my handbag at all times and then when I just need that I take it out and I have everything I need. Great product and I am sure I will be back for another color or two.

A must have!

The Keyper key ring wristlet and wristlet bag are must haves for moms on the go! I love that I don’t have to search through my purse for my keys anymore. So convenient and chic at the same time!

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Shikha Kumari
Love it 😍

Love this keypair, you must try these cute bags, good quality color so cute useful for daily purpose shopping airport 😍recommended!!

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Deidra Brown
Love My Wristlet

I have gotten so many compliments on my wristlet. Love have it’s easy to carry and whole everything I need and it’s stylish.


I love the metallic silver keyper. I just wish it was silver hardware instead of gold. I have several of the different sets and not disappointed at all!

Love the Keyper wristlets. I’ve purchased several for myself and family members.

Never going back to the “other” key holders. This is the Best

This is my second order of Keypers - they are amazing - and I have added them to my wallet, my phone…. And all my friends keep drooling over them -

Perfect sizes!

This is my second Keyper purchase. I bought the pleather set as an upgrade from my previous 2-piece canvas set. The biggest bag is a smidge bigger and I’m so pleased. The sizes are perfect for my needs. I end up using the small one for just my slim wallet and phone for quick trips, and use the larger wristlet where I might add a hand lotion and sunglasses and a few other things if I’ll be out longer. It makes “purse switching” so easy for me since I prefer a light bag most times. I keep the clear bag handy for sporting events which is perfect for stadiums. If you like small purses and wristlets, I highly recommend this set!

Love it

I love the color and it’s the perfect size. I can fit so much in it! Ivan slip it in my wrist and still have my hands free.

wristlet sets

I don't like carrying a purse so these are perfect for what I need. I like that my phone can also fit in them.

Gift set for mothers day, surprise!

Grey daz

Love my grey set, very handy and convenient!

I love it

I love my wristlet. I will be ordering in other colors.


Beautiful and classy - the silver goes well with everything and I love that I can also attach the key fob to any other purse, if needed. It’s so much easier to go shopping now and have everything I need! Love it!

Love it

Navy blue leather beautiful hold IPhone 12 used for the rodeo when it was in town very convenient

So cute and Love my design

I wanted a single initial and in the pink so i can use my Pink loop from my previous purchase.... it came out adorable!!! Love my Keypers.... this is my 3rd purchase...

one of the cutest versitile bags.....

so cute and so fun and so practical i love my Keyper bags i now own 3!!

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Melissa Jennings
Perfect for travel and on the go

I love my clear MyKeyper. It is going to be perfect for game day and travel! I am so excited to use it on our spring break trip.

So Cute and Perfect 🥰😘

I love 😍😘 it and I probably will buy some more. Thank you for the beautiful Green CANVAS 2-PIECE KEYPIT Set. 🤗.

Love my bag

Nice to carry this when I don't need everything with me, will buy more colors

Love a leopard!

I am very happy with my keyper! Sometimes I wear it as a bracelet. Don’t judge. The little bag is well made and my phone fits in it perfectly. Customer service is the best too.

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Samantha Moore

Love my COCO bag so much! It’s cute, stylish, and super convenient to use whenever I’m on the go! Love it


Love, love, love this. Carry it all the time.

LOVE the practicality of this bag

I LOVE my white IT bag. Neutral for summer. But, one request, please: WHITE PATENT LEATHER would be wonderful option. I have the gold and silver leather ones, but would love a white (and black, too) patent one for dressier occasions. Thanks. Hope someone is listening!!