Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation is a time to celebrate past achievements, while looking forward to the dreams and possibilities of the future. Whether the next step is heading off to college, pursing a career or starting a family, KEYPER is committed to helping the women of Class of 2021 stay hands-free to pursue their ambitions.

KEYPER CEO and Co-Founder, Dana Robinson advises graduates,

Perseverance is so important. I had many doors slammed in my face when first trying to sell the idea of KEYPER to media outlets, large retailers and even my own friends. With a little perseverance and a lot of encouragement from strong women, KEYPER is now growing daily. Sitting in my cap and gown, I never would have imagined that my mom and I would launch a brand dedicated to helping women across the USA KEYPIT Together. Never sell your self short and don't give up! 

The Ultimate Hands-Free Lifestyle is the perfect gift for a young woman preparing to chase her dreams. Check out our top picks to Grab 4 Grad in 2021.


This little gadget is so much more than the average key ring. The KEYPER allows your graduate to secure her keys to the outside of her large bag or wear her keys comfortably on her wrist, ensuring that she will never lose her keys again! We like to say that KEYPER is Fashion + Function + Security, with security being of the utmost importance. With KEYPER handy, your grad will be able to quickly access her car, dorm or apartment without having to fumble or dig in her large bag to gain access to a safe space. 

The Clear 2-Piece Set

The Clear 2-Piece Set includes the KEYPER, key ring bracelet, and one Clear IT BAG. With this wristlet, your grad will breeze into sporting events to cheer on her favorite team. Thats right, the Clear 2-Piece Set is stadium approved for college and professional sporting events. On the off chance that your grad gets homesick, the Clear 2-Piece Set is also TSA approved to fly home for holidays. 

The Monogrammed Clear IT BAG

Add a personal touch to your gift with the monogrammed Clear IT BAG. Your grad's initials can be featured in either block or script monogram. This functional pouch can be used as a makeup bag, clutch or purse organizer and makes the perfect addition to any KEYPIT Set. 

No matter where life takes the young women of 2021, KEYPER is here to help them KEYPIT Together! Congratulations Class of 2021, you did it!


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