Made By Women, For Women in the USA

Made By Women, For Women in the USA

Today KEYPER celebrates more than our favorite patriotic holiday. We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Dance Style Design, a woman-owned, minority-owned workshop dedicated to handcrafting quality KEYPER accessories. The best part... DSD is comprised of an all-female team and is located in North Carolina, USA.  

KEYPER accessories are all about helping you find independence through the Hands-Free Lifestyle. ⁠This 4th of July we are grateful to live in a country that allows us the freedom to achieve our dreams. These great freedoms allow the women of KEYPER and DSD to bring you innovative products made in the USA.

I appreciate every step on my journey with KEYPER. We have been fortunate enough to expand our production by on-boarding with a new workshop that is equipped to meet our customer demand. I never dreamed that KEYPER would find such a perfect fit in a production team. Working with DSD is a true partnership for KEYPER. I look forward to seeing what our all-women team can accomplish by supporting each other. Thank you to all of our customers who have made this expansion possible.

- Dana Robinson, KEYPER CEO

Meet Dance Style Design 

The DSD story begins in 2018, when Cheryl Maloney, DSD Founder and CEO, catapulted her 52 years of experience sewing for family and friends into a small business. Cheryl began creating her own custom ballgowns and designing dance costumes for local Charlotte customers.

In 2019, Cheryl teamed up with her good friend Kathy Laughlin, DSD CFO, and Dance Style Designs, LLC was formed. Interestingly, the entrepreneur duo met through ballroom dancing! Kathy and Cheryl found that their combination of business, administrative, sewing and dance skills blended beautifully to fill a need in the Charlotte community. 

We feel that our new partnership with KEYPER is a perfect pairing! We have similar desires to help the community and women in general. Dance Style Design believes in empowerment through growing in self-sufficiency. We provide skills-based training and entrepreneurship development. 

-Cheryl Maloney, DSD Founder & CEO

Kathy Laughlin, Dana Robinson, Cheryl Maloney

Today DSD has cultivated their workshop to craft more than just dance costumes. Along with bringing KEYPER to life, DSD designs, samples and creates dresses, bras, masks, pajamas, workout gear, tailored shirts, medical wear, motorcycle gear, children's clothing and other sewn goods by the thousands. 

Through valuable connections and partnerships, DSD is now a Cut and Sew production company. DSD Textiles is based on a crafted workshop model. We are not your parents’ factory. This is not fast fashion. DSD prides itself on providing liveable wages, flexible hours and paid time off to our staff.  We invite our business partners to come visit and to feel free to have conversations with us about their needs for their product development and production.

- Cheryl Malone, DSD Founder & CEO

 Sewing KEYPER

The diverse DSD team has over 130 years combined sewing experience. Let's meet the team! 

Sharlene Bailey

Sharlene Bailey is the leader of the KEYPER team at DSD She is quoted as "very modest" by Cheryl Maloney. Sharlene specializes in sewing purses and bags and has been sewing in industrial settings for many years. Sharlene shares, "I have been sewing since I was 16. I took Fashion Trade through high school and really love sewing and seeing the outcome of things. I am Glad I can help on this project .”

Anita McKee

Anita McKee is a seamstress and and lover of fabrics. She started sewing as a child and has sewn more things than she can count. Her love for creating manifests in various forms and mediums. Recently, she even had her first opportunity to design sets for a local film director.

Anita McKee

Michaela Moody

Michaela Moody is a member of the UNC Greensboro class of 2021.  She is studying Fashion and Textiles. Michaela is excited about the hands on experience she is getting in the design and production world. She is passionate about sewing and is always happy to learn and be useful.

Noel Nixon

Noel Nixon, 20,  is the youngest member of the team. Noel is working as a summer intern with DSD. Noel learned to sew as part of her home-school education. She has a passion for musical theater and would one day like to write and direct her own musicals. Noel is honing her skills in sewing and costume design, in hopes that will be useful in her future theater career. 

Proud to be American

We are honored to be working with such a diverse and skilled team at DSD. Both KEYPER and DSD are evidence that the American Dream is achievable. With passion, hard work and a little help from your girlfriends, anything is possible. If you have a talent or passion, go for it! Start the blog, share your artwork, open the shop... it's always the right time to invest in yourself!  

Happy Independence Day, and as always, KEYPIT Together. 

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