KEYPIT Together on Game Day

KEYPIT Together on Game Day

Hey, sports fans! Did you know that the Clear KEYPIT Set is stadium approved? Now you can stay hands-free for tailgates and touchdowns this football season. Check out how our fans KEYPIT Together on game day:

Wow. This little clear bag is my hero. I got one as a gift and I want to purchase in every color now. I am an avid sports fan and it is perfect for games. It is large enough to hold everything I need and meet the clear-bag requirements. But it still has a pop of color! I use it with my KEYPER so it is on my wrist all day. I also love that I can attach it to my seat so it isn't on the ground when I put it down. Great product! You'll love it. - Verified KEYPER Customer

In honor of football season, we are sharing stadium looks from the KEYPER Closet and our favorite KEYPER game-day hack. 


KEYPER was designed with your favorite teams in mind! KEYPER Co-Founder and CEO, Dana Robinson shares, "When I chose our Signature color palette, I wanted to make sure that sports moms and sports fans had plenty of options to choose from."


Do you see your team colors in Kalan's style video? Follow @mykeyper on Instagram to see more team looks from the KEYPER Closet. 


Game Day can be crazy and exciting... if you know, you know! Have you ever lost your keys while getting caught up in the excitement of the big game? Have you ever misplaced your bag hanging out at the tailgate? Now you can cheer your heart out and never worry about losing your keys again. 

Our favorite KEYPER game-day hack allows you to secure your KEYPIT Set to your tailgate chair or stadium seat.

Now you are all set to hang around the tailgate and clear stadium security with KEYPER. Share your game-day looks by tagging @mykeyper on Instagram and Facebook! As always, KEYPIT Together. 

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