The Story Behind Sunshine

The Story Behind Sunshine

Sunshine is a cheerful yellow available in Canvas and Signature fabrics. The story behind Sunshine begins with a simple suggestion from my mom, Sally Robinson, co-founder of KEYPER. Mom had a feeling that yellow accessories would be a KEYPER this summer! My mom and I built KEYPER together from the ground up. Everything from the width of the KEYPER strap to the swivel clasp on the IT BAG has been tested and approved by my hard-working and inspiring mother. I more than value my mom’s opinion and took her fashion tip to heart!

With mom’s suggestion in mind and COVID-19 on the rise, I felt that adding yellow to our lineup would brighten both the wardrobes and the spirits of ladies trying to #keypittogether. Most importantly, yellow was requested by our customers. One of the first requests for yellow comes from Blanca, who commented, “This would be pretty in a bright yellow. Any chance of that coming soon?” I have kept in touch with Blanca since she made her comment and am delighted to be sending her a Sunshine set! As I have mentioned many times, I read every review and comment from customers. You guys keep me going!

When choosing the signature name for our yellow products, I thought, “We all need some sunshine these days when using our KEYPER.” I hope that the Sunshine line puts a smile on your face and, like always, helps you #keypittogether!



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