Made by Women, for Women

Made by Women, for Women

In Honor of International Women's Day, March 8, 2021, we are celebrating the super heroes behind the Ultimate Hands-Free Lifestyle. Did you know the KEYPER team is comprised of only leading ladies? When we let our talents shine and work together, there is nothing we can't do. 

The One Who Started it All

Sally Robinson is the inventive go-getter who started it all! The idea for KEYPER originated with an AHA moment hitting Sally in the grocery store. Because Sally feared that her purse would be stolen from the grocery cart, she struggled to shop with her heavy purse on her arm. Sally's problem: too much stuff, not enough hands. The solution: KEYPER, the Original Key Ring Bracelet and Purse Strap.

Armed with one bright idea and a sewing machine, Sally and her eldest daughter Dana committed themselves to making the Hands-Free Lifestyle a reality. After developing KEYPER in Sally’s basement, the duo obtained a patent for the invention’s unique design. 

Sally is proud to have three strong and independent daughters! Dana, Amy and Kelly. Although Sally and Dana are the dynamic duo behind KEYPER, both Amy and Kelly are only a phone call away. Over the years, Amy and Kelly have saved the day with creative ideas and used the ultimate super power of babysitting when Dana and Sally are up to official KEYPER business! 

Sally has been enthusiastic and determined since day one. She is the quentisential KEYPER cheerleader! In the spirit of International Women's Day, Sally says, "I encourage our customers and women everywhere to never give up and to support each other!"

Our Fearless Leader

Where would we be without our own personal Wonder Woman? As a single mom, Dana Robinson gives her all to her family, friends and customers. It hasn't always been easy, but Dana has always had the support of strong women behind her! With a community like that, you can weather any storm and always come out on top. 

Dana recalls her grandmother's words, "You make life what you make it." During hard times Dana did just that. When asked during a time of personal crisis, "how do you do it?" Dana responded, "We must persevere! What is the other option, never get out of bed again?"

Dana makes sure that International Women's Day is celebrated at KEYPER and her favorite super hero really is Wonder Woman. Dana says: 

Strong women have impacted me throughout my life. Of course, my mother and grandmother would let me perform for them at any moment, stopping whatever they were doing to watch my latest cheer, gymnastics flip or dance move. They always made me feel I could accomplish anything I worked hard for. We have to extend that encouraging spirit to one another as often as possible. 

The encouragement Dana received growing up took her to the University of Kentucky, where she dreamed of being a cheerleader her whole life. However, after missing out on sorority rush to attend college cheer camp, Dana realized that her super power was not the standing back tuck. The old adage when one door closes another door opens rang true for Dana. She quickly dusted herself off, trading in her pom poms for a job and pledged Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority as a sophomore. Dana feels that the sisterhood she found in sorority life still holds the utmost importance.  

Along her way, Dana has made cherished friends, who have supported her in everything from moving to Los Angeles as Woody Harrelson's assistant to making the leap to New York City, where she worked at Macy's in special events. Even now, Dana receives motivation from her friends to keep sharing the KEYPER love! 


"I have been shown so much love by the women in my life. I truly want to give back all the encouragement and guidance I have received by helping women accomplish all that they can," expresses Dana. Through her products and the KEYPIT Together Foundation, Dana's mission is always to help women KEYPIT Together. 

The Fashionista

Kalan Rush is our go-to-gal for all things style and serves as Content Creator and  Influencer Outreach Associate. Kalan received a Bachelors of Arts in Apparels and Textiles from the University of Alabama in 2011 and has been a full-time fashionista ever since. 

She is married to "the sweetest guy" going on nine years and is the mom of two beautiful children. Working with KEYPER has allowed Kalan to spend more time being mom by creating content and reaching out to influencers from home. "I love being wife and mom. My family is everything to me," says Kalan. 

Kalan also runs an independent fashion inspiration account on Instagram, @stylekrushblog, and has recently launched an online boutique, Grace Boutique Auburn. "I love helping women feel confident in their style and encouraging others to feel their best," says Kalan. 

The Social Butterfly 

Elizabeth Howell is our Social Media Manager and loves connecting with our customers and influencers on the web. Elizabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences, with a focus in Public Relations. Elizabeth was named recipient of the Betsy Plank Public Relations Award at UA. In 2014 she obtained her Juris Doctor from University of Alabama School of Law, where she was a member of the Trial Advocacy Team and was the recipient of the Best Opening Statement Award at the 2012 National Trial Advocacy Competition. 

Before working for KEYPER, Elizabeth practiced law for six years in Chatom, Alabama. Her practice focused on personal injury litigation and family law. She served as President of the Alabama First Judicial Circuit Bar Association during her time as a practicing attorney and is thankful for the experiences and relationships she gained along the way. 

Elizabeth began working for KEYPER after moving to Athens, Greece, where she is married to the love of her life and enjoys being a world-traveler. Elizabeth shares, "I am so blessed to have been connected with Dana through a mutual friend and am thrilled to work at a company that supports women." 

"Whether I have acted as an attorney, shepherding a woman through the hardest time of her life, or just lended a caring heart and a listening ear to a friend, I have always had a passion for helping other women. I believe the kindness we show one another does make a difference," says Elizabeth. 

Women Supporting Women

Are you a hard-working momma or a creative girl with big dreams? Maybe you're the one who goes the extra mile for a friend in need. No matter what your super power is, we see you, Wonder Woman. Keep shining and supporting each other! As always, KEYPER is here to help you KEYPIT Together. Happy International Women's Day. 

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