25 Safety Tips You Need to See When Packing Your Travel Bags

25 Safety Tips You Need to See When Packing Your Travel Bags

At KEYPER, we are all about being safe and secure with an active lifestyle, so we want to share this "keeper" of an article recently published by Expert Vagabond, titled, 25 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know. Not only does this list have some great advice on travel bags, but these are the essentials of safe-travel and anti-theft tips worth reading.

The Key to a Safe Travel Bag is Securing It

KEYPER Securing Purse to Baggage CartTwo of the tips in this article are related to securing your travel bags. "Lock Up Your Valuables" (Tip #4), and "Stay Tethered to Your Bag" (Tip #12). You'll see that the examples suggest securing your travel purse or backpack with a length of cable or a carabiner clip.

While these hardware-store solutions may be functional, you'll notice at KEYPER that we like to combine fashion, function and security with matching key ring bracelets and purses in a variety of styles. You'll also notice that a carabiner can be easily unclipped in one hand by a professional pick-pocket, and the length of cable would need some type of lock which might be tough to manage when you need to detach your purse. If you're a woman searching for anti-theft bag solutions, take a look at the KEYPER key ring bracelets for stylishly keeping your purse tethered while your keys are at hand for quick access. 

And here's another key benefit of tethering your purse. Would-be thieves can see that your purse and luggage are secured, which is your first level of protection. If looking for a quick and easy swipe, they will want to move along.

An Anti-Theft Purse Needs to Be Up to the Job

white leather KEYPER anti theft purseOf course, at KEYPER we are partial to our many-styled solutions for keeping your valuables secure while keeping customers looking fabulous. However, be sure your choices are tough enough for the task. The KEYPER key ring bracelet, for example, features our patented clasp and tough materials with stitching that will hold up to 20 lbs of attachments or tension, meaning ... if someone tries to grab the attached purse, they are immediately brought to a halt, and the disturbance will have them wanting to flee. As for the purse, the fewer points of access, the better. If it's a purse like the IT-Bag with one zipper along the top, and the KEYPER is keeping the handles together, you leave little-to-no opportunity for quick access. 

Additional anti-theft features are sadly becoming more essential for a travel bag. Clear Bags have become common for travel, and they need to meet the TSA Clear Bag Standards for carrying liquid. Also, RFID-Blocking fabric lining, as featured in KEYPER's Leather IT-Bags, has likewise become advised for both travel and home while shopping, to protect from thieves "skimming" the purse for digital ID information. In short, security bags need to "keyp" up with standards for anti-theft bags. 


Being Secure is a Great Example to Set

KEYPERS Securing Purses to BackpacksWorry-free security is also  good for every day life, while running errands around the city, and the important thing is to be secure in mind as well as valuables. Setting a good example for our kids, let's show them what it means to be responsible and safe, then to enjoy activity. Just as they see you buckle up for safety and practice safe driving to avoid accidents, protect the next generation by showing them how to easily and quickly secure their belongings.



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