Made in America 🇺🇸

Made in America 🇺🇸

When my mom and I created this business, we made a commitment to manufacture as much of our product as possible in America. 

We have been through nearly a dozen manufacturing companies here in the USA and are happy to be working with LACorp in Lebanon, Virginia. They are committed to making superior quality products.

The manufacturing journey has been such a learning experience for us.  We started out by agonizing over every detail (and still do!). We tried out hundreds of snap hooks to find one that would be easy on your nails but still strong enough to hold your bag or purse with the right amount of 'swivel' to easily carry your keys. We tested the fabrics to make sure they could hold a large bag. I wish you could have seen the ladders and big bags set up all over our house so we could test the weight they could hold overnight! 

Lebanon Apparel Corporation was founded in 1968 as a cut and sew plant producing uniforms. It is now one of the last remaining American companies in the cut and sew industry. We are proud to partner with them to make sure our products remain Made in America.

Here's what LACorp says about their company:


Our people are our strength

LACorp is a company focused on value, quality, and exceeding customer expectations in an environment that encourages a motivated, educated, cross-trained, and self-directed workforce.

We create a wide variety of products and offers custom solutions to a diverse customer base. The commitment to an adaptable, flexible, and positive team-centered approach results in fast turnaround and efficiency gains for customers without sacrificing quality.


Our people are our strength, too. Our people are you, our customers. We hope you understand the love and care we put into our products to help you in everyday life. We hope you agree, this one's a KEYPER!



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