KEYPER named in Holiday Gift Guide 2019

KEYPER named in Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Posh Beauty Blog named KEYPER as a favorite winter handbag and luggage accessory in its 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

"I love this! Really cute!" says author Carla Snuggs. Snuggs is a professional freelance lifestyle writer from Los Angeles and former beauty editor for She prides herself in keeping her followers abreast of the latest trends in beauty and fashion. 



It's the little invention you never knew you needed KEYPER is the hands-free solution for any busy woman and the perfect one-size-fits-all holiday gift. Have you ever had your hands full and needed to reach your keys to unlock the car? KEYPER is a key-ring that slips right on your wrist, keeping your keys handy and accessible. But unlike other brands, its patented strap is complete with a snap hook that allows you to clip it to a chair, railing, shopping cart, stroller, luggage or anything else. That same clip can attach the accompanying IT BAG clutch (in two sizes), creating the perfect wristlet for women on the go.

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