Travel Hacks by @thebigbluedebutante

Travel Hacks by @thebigbluedebutante

Keeping it All together in Sydney! 

A guest blog from Candace @thebigbluedebutante.

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Happy Sunday or Monday guys! Sunday if you’re in the states, Monday if you here in the Outback with me! Today has been quite the adventure, and I wanted to share a quick must-have item with you all, as it has been an absolute lifesaver on this trip so far!

When any woman travels, one of the most important things we like to pack is our purses, handbags, backpacks, cross-bodies, and/or wristlets. Well at least for me those are vital to a successful trip. No one wants to be weighed down with an oversized purse that you have to lug around everywhere, worrying about where to put it, etc. So my friends, let me introduce you to my newest and favorite wristlet, The Keyper!

This little wristlet combo makes traveling and sight-seeing so “easy-peasy!” Literally I throw in my necessities, which are: Cash/cards, iphone, lipgloss, and mints; and then I’m good to go!

This morning we started our day off with breakfast at one of the most top rated cafe’s here in Sydney (Two Good Eggs Cafe), and seeing that all of the little restaurants are small and cozy, having something small to keep my personal belongings in was just perfect!

After breakfast we went back to the hotel for a quick outfit change, something more comfy and casual, and put on our walking shoes and headed out for the Sydney Harbour Bridge! When you get to the Harbour you are greeted with so many tourists, cruise ships, ferrys, and TONS of bars and cafes! And of course, the main two attractions, the Sydney Opera House and The Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Thats the iconic Opera House in the back
Looking over the water while walking across the bridge

After spending an hour walking across the bridge and back, at this point it was way past lunchtime. So we ventured through the alley ways and found Sydney’s Oldest Pub, Fortune of War!

Ya’ll, so far day two of this ten-day trip did not disappoint. We got to take in some sights, eat some great food, have a few adult bevies, and make some memories along the way! All while doing it in style with my Keyper! The best thing about the Keyper is that it comes in so many different colors and finishes. Its so versatile and you can just purchase the Keyper or the Keypit set! Check out some of my favorites below:

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