Essential KEYPER Customers

Essential KEYPER Customers

In today's climate, healthcare staff and essential workers are the heart of our country. The heart being of the utmost importance, because we all know that the body cannot survive without this most vital organ. KEYPER is proud to call many of these hardworking women at the heart of our great country customers. 

The work performed by these selfless individuals is fraught with health risks, stress and emotion. How can we ever fully repay those who have stepped up to heal our bodies and serve our most basic and fundamental needs? The answer, we cannot. The value of their service is priceless.  However, what we can do is encourage our healthcare staff and essential workers. Encouragement can come in many forms, such as: sending a text, reaching out on social media or sending a small happy.

How KEYPER Encourages

This week KEYPER has chosen to highlight and encourage Kenya Adkins and Lindsey S. Both Kenya and Lindsey are KEYPER customers who connected with KEYPER co-founder Dana Robinson in the process of making their first KEYPER purchases.

While personally assisting with orders and getting to know her customers, Dana learned that these two women were both working in healthcare support. As the conditions around us became more and more serious, Dana remembered the two customers she connected with and decided to send a thank you. Both Kenya and Lindsey will receive a SIGNATURE 4-Piece Set of their choice.

Let's learn more about these two awesome women.


Kenya is a patient service representative in the registration department of her local family healthcare facility. She has worked in this role for four years. Outside of work, Kenya is active in her church, where she serves as the Youth Sunday-School Teacher, Pastor's Administrative Assistant, Assistant to the Finance Director and Church Clerk. Kenya has one son, who is a sophomore in college. In her spare time Kenya doesn't slow down, as her hobbies include directing weddings and planning events. She sums up using KEYPER as, "Caught being cute while taking care of business." When she finally has some time to relax, this on-the-go-lady enjoys watching Hallmark movies and doing a bit of retail therapy. Retail therapy, that explains how we got the pleasure of knowing Kenya!

Kenya has been blessed with the gift of helping others. Kenya shared with us, "I have a heart for people. If I can help you, I'm there. I am a believer that we are all placed on this Earth to serve, and one of my favorite scriptures is Romans 12:4-8." Kenya also told us that she finds encouragement in the following quote from a wise but unknown source, "Happiness keeps you sweet; trials keep you strong; sorrows keep you human; failures keep you humble; and God keeps you going." Thank you, Kenya, for your heart and all that you do.




Lindsey has worked as a certified occupational therapy assistant for eleven years and says, "I could not love my job more than I already do." Lindsey specifically works with home health care patients. Lindsey knew she wanted to work with the elderly when she entered her profession. Lindsey states that she has a heart for the geriatric field of practice. She loves to see the progress patients make and also enjoys learning each patient's story, including meeting family members. Lindsey accounts that she sees people at their very worst and gets to be a part of them reaching their best. "I am very blessed to be able to provide a service and get to be a part of their journey," says Lindsey. 

Lindsey shared quote from A.A. Milne that inspires her. It states, "If ever there was a tomorrow when we are not together . . . there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."  Thank you, Lindsey, for your caring spirit and for the work you do.  

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