Sunshine Vegan Leather 2-PIECE WRISTLET SET

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$ 75.00
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Select WRISTLET BAG to Pair with your KEYPER®

The Vegan Leather 2-Piece Wristlet Set comes with a KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet + Wristlet Bag..

The KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet is perfect to slip on your wrist for quick errands, brunch with girlfriends or running the kids to activities. You'll never dig for your keys again with KEYPER® secured to your big bag handle. Our PATENTED DESIGN can hold up to 20 lb.  Secure your heavy bag to your stroller, shopping cart, chair, luggage and more!

Choose between one of our three Wristlet Bags to create your set. The MINI Wristlet Bag fits most phone sizes and has room for your cash, cards and lip gloss. The LUXE Wristlet Bag and CLEAR Wristlet Bag have an A-line design that allows extra room for all phone sizes, inhaler, EpiPen, sunglasses and more.  The CLEAR Wristlet Bag is airport security approved and stadium approved for concerts and sporting events.

Wear your Vegan Leather 2-Piece Wristlet Set or secure it nearby to keep your essentials safe while you go hands-free!


  • KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag, MINI Wristlet Bag or CLEAR Wristlet Bag with Vegan Leather Trim
  • Soft 100% vegan leather material
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag and MINI Wristlet Bag lined with smooth nylon
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag and CLEAR Wristlet Bag hold an inhaler and EpiPen
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag and MINI Wristlet Bag 2-card sleeve holds cash, cards and ID
  • CLEAR Wristlet Bag Clear PVC material
  • CLEAR Wristlet Bag approved for stadium and arena events
  • Tarnish-resistant brass key ring and snap hooks with metallic gold zipper
  • Tarnish-resistant silver key ring and snap hooks with silver zipper
  • You'll love your KEYPER® + Wristlet Bag combo with the 2-Piece Wristlet Set
  • Made in USA


  • KEYPER® 1.25" wide (wristlet material). Total length with key ring is 10.75".
  • MINI Wristlet Bag: 4" Tall x 7" Wide x 1" Deep
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag: 4" Tall x 7" Wide at Opening (8.5" Wide at Bottom) x 2" Deep
  • CLEAR Wristlet Bag: Tall x 7" Wide at Opening (8.5" Wide at Bottom) x 2" Deep
  • MINI Wristlet Bag fits every model Apple iPhone, as well as every model of Samsung Galaxy
  • LUXE Wristlet Bag fits every model Apple iPhone, as well as every model of Samsung Galaxy
  • CLEAR Wristlet Bag fits every model Apple iPhone, as well as every model of Samsung Galaxy


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Victoria Finley
Love it!

It’s the perfect size and easy to grab and go! I can keep my essentials together and not worry about misplacing anything. I also love clipping it to my buggy while grocery shopping! The color is wonderful and the material is so so nice

Becky Grove
Love it

I love the color and it’s the perfect size. I can fit so much in it! Ivan slip it in my wrist and still have my hands free.

Yellow Keyper

I love the color yellow. It will be extremely to carry it.

Kristi Trail
Super impressed, functional but most of all stays clean!

I bought the 2-piece sunshine (yellow) keypit set and have been sooooo impressed. The sturdiness is very strong never worried about slippage or breaking. It’s bigger than expected to fit my iPhone 11 max pro and a few other items like key fob, airpods, chapstick, cash, even my husbands wallet. I don’t go anywhere without this now and no longer need a purse. But what I am most impressed is the quality and smoothness of the leather and how well it stays clean. I have traveled to two destinations that were hot sweaty muggy and “downtown” dirty feel and the Sunshine stays completely clean. Not even residue from my hands has discolored the keyper. I saw one smudge and it came right off with a quick rub of water. I have been eyeing this set for quite a while. So glad to finally make the plunge and proud to have it on the go and hands free and secure at all times. Great job!!

As advertised!

I love my Keyper! It’s perfect for these summer months when it seems that everything that I wear during this season lacks pockets! It holds just what I need to bop in and out of stores. There are times I wish that the zipper opened a little wider so I didn’t have to think of how to put the phone in “just so” to make it fit, but it has plenty of room once I manage to get it in there!