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KEYPER® Key Ring Wristlet Luxe Bag

2-Piece Luxe Wristlet Set

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Fashion | Function | Security

KEYPER® Key Ring Bracelet + Wristlet Luxe Bag

2-Piece Luxe Wristlet Set

99% 5 stars

Fits Most Phones

Made in USA

For Women By Women

30 Day Full Refund Policy

Key Ring Wristlet clips to the handle of big purse or backpack.

Key Ring Wristlet clips to the handle of big purse.

No more digging for keys. Holds up to 20 lb.

3. Fabrics:

Vegan Leather | Canvas (Machine Washable) | Leather (includes RFID Lining)

Vegan Leather, Canvas or Leather (with RFID Lining)

Fits Most Phones

Made in USA

For Women By Women

Safe and Secure

With just a clip to attach to any women’s handbag. Our Luxe Bags are perfect for pairing with the KEYPER Key Ring Wristlet and make convenient anti-theft bags.

It's secure

It's simple.

It's effective.


Safe & Secure

Hands Free

Classic Styles

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Made in USA

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An easy way to KEYPIT together in style

Attach KEYPER to your bag handle or wear it on your wrist

100% Hands Free you’ll never dig in your bag for your keys again.

Our patented design can hold up to 20 pounds

Strap your large bag and keys to your stroller handle, shopping cart, backpack, luggage, gym equipment and more

These compact women’s handbags are perfect for your smart phone, keys and even credit cards in their own organizer slots

Fashion + Function + Security = KEYPER. The versatile wristlet holds your key fob and slips around your wrist,  allowing you to keep your keys handy while staying hands-free for the important stuff.

Us Them
Made in USA
Clear Bags
Leather Items
Canvas Items
Vegan Leather Items
Hands Free Tool
Cross Body Attachment
Clasps to secure keys/large purse/Wristlet Bag to cart, stroller, purse handle, luggage, chair etc.
Doesn’t slide off wrist
Holds 20 lb.

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Designed in variety of textures, colors and pattrens the KEYPER plus IT BAG offers the perfect clutch and key ring. In faux leather, genuine leather, canvas and stadium-approved clear, you've got a look for every occasion.


Never lose your keys again. The magic of KEYPER is it's versatility. It isn't just a key chain; it isn't just wristlet. Our patented design can hold more than 20 pounds meaning it can attach anything with a simple clip.


In addition to convenience, KEYPER adds a sense of security. When you can clip your purse to your chair, shopping cart, stroller or luggage, You'll never worry about losing keys OR your bag.

Mother's Day 2 Piece LUXE Wristlet Set

$ 75.00
$ 75.00
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KEYPER® 1.25" wide (wristlet material). Total length with key ring is 10.75".

LUXE Wristlet Bag: 4" Tall x 7" Wide at Opening (8.5" Wide at Bottom) x 2" Deep

LUXE Wristlet Bag fits every model Apple iPhone, as well as every model of Samsung Galaxy



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