Louisville Cards Collection - FREE Shipping now available!

Looking for a  great gift for the women Cards fans in your life? Check out the PurseKeyper Cards Collection.

A must have accessory for all women, the PurseKeyper is a key fob, wristlet, and purseholder, all in one.It can attach to your wrist, a desk, a shopping cart, etc.

The PhoneKeyper is a stand-alone mini-purse on the go, or attach it to PurseKeyper for added functionality.

Conveniently carry most cell phones and other essentials!  Great for ballgames and concerts where there are purse size restrictions.  It comes in 3 sizes - Regular, Plus and XL - for your needs. 

Click here to see our video to show the myriad of uses.

The PurseKeyper and PhoneKeyper are great gifts that will keep giving all year long! Order now through Sunday, Dec. 6 and receive FREE Shipping! Just enter the discount code "shipping" at checkout.